A . What's the maximum time duration

      for the Consumption of chocolates?


  • As each and every box is freshly manufactured

at the time of delivery hence chocorish recommends you to consume the product within  3 months.



B.What about the printed contents

   on chocolates?


  • Chocorish completely ensures you that all the printed content is edible and highly safe for health as it is made by cocoa plants butter paper imported from Germany.




C.Does every colour and content can be printed?


  • yes here we provide you with edible printing of text, message and photos on chocolates with almost every possible colour.



D.Are the chocolates vegetarian?


  • yes


E.How are chocolates packed?


The chocolates are properly packed in wooden boxes with thermocol box over covered for extra safety, we add cooling gel packs for avoiding melting of chocolates.


  1. How to place an order for personalised gift boxes?


Almost every order for any occasion is taken online for any bulk and corporate orders we would like to meet or call to discuss in detail about the order.